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Donate for Animal Abuse Awareness Month!

We Need Your Help To Give Them A Second Chance!

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Animal abuse is a major issue in our society. And the signs of animal abuse are often times very difficult to spot. However, with the right knowledge, you can correctly identify the abuse and help put an end to it.

You can help our team at Wounded Paw Project put a stop to this cruel abuse.

Animals are oftentimes the most helpless members of our society. They depend on us to take care of them, feed them and keep them safe from harm. Unfortunately, there are some individuals out there that will abuse this trust for their own sick pleasure or personal gain. And without any signs pointing towards it, these animals could be suffering at the hands of their abusers for weeks, months, or even years before anyone would ever know.

Every dollar you donate helps our team save abused animals through various efforts and partnerships throughout the United States.

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